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As a professional liquor and soda logistics company in Vancouver, we cover every need for your beverages in a supply chain. From fulfillment to transportation, we provide secure and efficient beverage distribution services. Our decades of experience assisting beverage businesses give us the expertise to offer quality logistics solutions.

Beverage Co-Packing

Beverage Co-Packing

With over 20 years of beverage co-packing experience, Drinx Logistics are the leading experts in Western Canada.  We are a centrally located co-packing service in the heart of Vancouver BC. Our facilities offer a larger capacity than competitors, enabling us to handle large beverage deliveries during peak seasons with ease.  Our beverage production lines are state of the art. They were upgraded and purchased in Q1 of 2021. Our liquor and soda co-packing facilities have modern packing lines which are not only the fastest, but also the most cost-effective, reliable, and accurate.  This enables us to provide greater output in shorter amounts of time, reducing costs for our customers.  We have over 925,000 square feet of alcohol warehouse space, which enables us to provide a true single-source solution.

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Beverage Warehousing

Beverage Warehousing

Our state-of-the-art beverage warehouses can safely and efficiently store large quantities of soda and liquor. These warehouses serve as the backbone for our logistics operations throughout Canada. We have provided beverage warehousing services since 1989. We provide alcohol warehouses that are fully bonded, excise, & sufferance licensed for the distribution of beer, wine, spirits, and RTDs (Ready to Drink). Our customer base is comprised of some of the world's most leading companies. Our beverage warehouses combine for over 925,000 square feet of highly secured space. Our warehouses can provide cross docking, transloading, and co-packing services. With our service-driven culture, we provide the most trusted and customized beverage warehousing and distribution solutions for liquor and soda businesses.

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Beverage Transportation

Drinx Logistics is a Vancouver, British Columbia, based trucking company. We specialize in the delivery of beer, wine, spirits, juices, and soft drinks. Our specialized transportation services include courier service, temperature-controlled and dry LTL less than truck-load, FTL full truck-load services, over the road, and rail. We offer temperature-controlled 5-ton & 10-ton trucks with power rail-gates plus refrigerated & heated tandem & triaxle trailers. We service all the dry & wet ports of Vancouver, British Columbia, including Deltaport, CP Rail, and CN Rail. Drinx is your single source transport and beverage distribution provider.

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Professional Beverage Logistics

Our highly experienced beverage warehousing and distribution team provides professional service at all aspects of the supply chain. Our goal is to help liquor and soft drink businesses build the most cost-effective and efficient logistics process. Drinx Logistics specializes in providing warehousing, co-packing, and transportation services for Canadian beverage businesses. With over 32 years of experience in alcohol warehousing and logistics, We have the expertise and experience in beverage logistics to provide the most optimal warehousing and distribution solution.

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Q-2 (2021) Fuel Rate: LTL 18.55%, Truckload 28.77%, Heavy Tri-axle 34.5%, USA 38.7%

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