Beverage & Alcohol Logistics

Why We’re Vancouver’s Preferred Beverage & Alcohol Distribution Company

If your company needs to store and transport alcoholic beverages, you need a 3PL partner you can depend on. The regulated process surrounding liquor distribution requires knowledgeable professionals who know the proper way to deliver alcohol.  

At Drinx Logistics, we’re a full-service alcohol distribution company. We’re a one-stop solution to all your liquor logistics needs, including beer and wine fulfillment services. We ensure that every step is efficient and cost-effective. In addition, Drinx Logistics is an approved operator of excise warehousing, meaning that we’re fully licensed and government approved for the storage of beer, wine, and spirits. We can handle bonded, customs sufferance, and excise storage of alcohol and standard freight. Our network across North America gives you the opportunity to grow your company and market potential. We handle all your delivery needs, so you can focus on your core business.

Drinx Logistics is a LWP holder with the BC Liquor Board Distribution Center meaning we can warehouse, store, distribute, and transport imported alcohol products. Our system has direct connectivity to the LDB system where the LDB can see live inventory and pull direct inventory from it. Drinx Logistics is listed as provider on the LDB website as an authorized alcohol warehouse and recognized by LDB as an authorized alcohol distribution company that abides by all provincial alcohol regulations.

We have many years of experience in providing logistics and resources for alcohol manufacturers that need to warehouse, co-pack, and distribute their alcoholic beverages. Not only do we have the capability of exceeding your Vancouver BC warehousing and freight needs, but we also have the specialized knowledge to implement processes to ensure that your entire logistics operation is optimal. Our alcohol distribution company operates an advanced warehousing management system that provides full visibility and optimization for our customers. Our clients can be confident in our innovative equipment and skilled experts to meet your unique alcohol logistics needs. From warehousing to packaging, you can rely on our seasoned professionals to take care of everything. At Drinx Logistics, we don’t just provide a service—we collaborate with owners to determine the best solutions for growth and expansion.

We Service The Following Western Canada Liquor Boards: 

  • British Columbia – BCLDB
  • Alberta – Liquor Connect
  • Saskatchewan – Sask Liquor
  • Manitoba – Liquor Marts

We offer bonded warehousing in fully provincially and federally compliant facilities. In addition, Drinx Logistics brings 3 decades of know-how to the business of warehousing, transporting, and delivering for its customer.  

Alcohol Warehousing - Temperature Controlled Facility including Dry, Ambient, Cooler & Frozen

Drinx Logistics provides warehousing services for both dry and refrigerated products and materials. We are fully approved for alcohol bonded distribution, customs sufferance warehousing, excise storage of alcohol as well as general cargo, and LWP approved for the BC Liquor Distribution Branch (BCLDB) with full connectivity.

We specialize in liquor distribution for:

  • Cased goods
  • Cased goods on pallets
  • Kegs
  • Bottles

Our warehouse is fully Secured using advance monitoring system and our WMS (warehouse management system) is a key component of our operation when all transactions and products inventories are traceable and live visible through our customer interface and EDI capabilities.

We offer a range of key services such as all unloading including x-dock and shipping services which includes Palletized, floor-loaded, slip-sheet and clamped loads for trucks, containers and even rail cars. Through our receiving stage, our team inspects all products and our processed are fully compliant with BCLDB, AGLC, CRA, and CBSA regulation to capture and register key information.  Through this process we make sure your products best before date, vintage, alcohol percentage and barcodes are captured and complies with LDB mandate. We offer value added services to label products, register barcode and amend the pack size and pallet size. All steps are visible to our customers and BCLDB.

Direct Delivery

Drinx Logistics offers LTL delivery services through it’s owned, and reliable partner specialized in last mile beverage delivery.  We service the entire Province of British Columbia through our set schedule delivery process. We remain very flexible to meet our customer expectations and seasonality of their business.

Freight Forwarding

We are building strong partnership with our global partners to create door-to-door services and will be able to provide our beverage customers with their import needs from any corner in the world. We do it all from less than a pallet, less than a container ( LCL) and full loads via ground trucking, Ocean and air shipment.

Contract Packaging Services

Drinx Logistics custom product packaging solutions help large food and beverage manufacturers efficiently manage the constantly changing requirements for final packaging.  Drinx Logistics can manage discreet packaging operations, as well as integrate packaging into the wider distribution operation, to cut factory-to-shelf cycle time and reduce combined distribution, packaging and transportation costs.

Why Drinx Logistics For Custom Product Packaging?

  • Experience running high-volume, high-quality packaging operations. We bring best-practice performance based on our experience building a wide range of packaging configurations. 
  • Beverage focus. Most  customers are in the food industry. Our operations, processes and systems are  compliant, with lot-level traceability in the event of recalls.
  • Holistic approach. We work across functional teams, examining how package and display design impacts downstream requirements to build and transport the display.
  • Think like a manufacturer. Most 3PLs run packaging like a like a labor provider, focusing primarily on inbound and outbound volumes. KANE runs packaging more like a manufacturing process, looking at line balancing, equipment effectiveness (OEE), and the hour-by-hour performance of each line. We carefully examine key packaging metrics and feed you the data required to continuously improve the process.
  • Nimble, flexible operating model. Staff are cross-trained in multiple functions and we make strategic use of outside labor to economically manage volume fluctuations.

​Contact Drinx Logistics for licensed alcohol logistics that you can count on. Our team will go above and beyond to provide personalized service that considers your company’s specific needs.