Container Drayage Services For Alcohol

A reliable and flexible container drayage services partner will keep alcoholic beverages moving smoothly throughout the supply chain. Moving liquor is challenging amidst today’s dynamic port environment. As a leading transportation company in Vancouver and Western Canada, we’re certain we can provide value to your company.

Drinx Logistics has a widespread network. Those who partner with us gain access to strategically beneficial locations. We offer container drayage services at the following locations:

  • Vancouver: Deltaport, Vanterm, Centerm, Fraser Surrey Docks, CP Rail, and CN Rail
  • Calgary: Canadian National Rail and Canadian Pacific Rail
  • ​Pacific NorthWest USA Ports
  • Columbus Ohio Rail Yards
  • ​Los Angeles California Ports and Rail Yards

Our team is dedicated to seeking proactive and customized solutions for challenges that occur when transporting alcohol. We use Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to secure beverage shipments and promote further communication with railroads and dray providers. This is beneficial for freight scheduling and gives us extra information to share with our clients regarding any unexpected delays with their beverage shipments.

All beverage shipments that occur during container drayage will be closely monitored. We use API, Geo-Fencing, and GPS tracking for all liquor and soda deliveries using our trucks, containers, and chassis. We also offer warehouse storage options for alcoholic beverages. All these resources, paired with our excellent communication and flexibility, allow us to respond promptly and effectively to any unforeseen issues.
At Drinx Logistics, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We focus on understanding our clients’ products, business, and their beverage supply chain process to provide them with the best strategic plan. We pair this knowledge with innovative logistics equipment and take the time to develop reliable processes.

Our commitment to safe beverage handling, timely deliveries, trained staff members, and excellent customer support are why many large liquor companies rely on our services to get their drinks to their final destination. If you want a reliable drayage partner for your liquor business, contact us today to request a quote for our container drayage services.