Cross-Docking For Soft Drinks And Alcohol

Cross-docking is the process in which companies expedite their beverage deliveries to customers or retail chains with minimal handling or storage time. This method will help quickly move your alcohol inventory through the supply chain and into the hands of consumers in time for the next sale. 

Additional supply chain benefits of cross-docking include the reduction of material waste, labor costs, and warehouse expenses. Since there’s a shortened time frame from the producer to the market, customer satisfaction, delivery times, and brand affinity increase. The end result of beverage and alcohol cross-docking is to optimized a supply chain

Benefits of Cross-Docking Services with Drinx Logistics

Lower Labor Costs

Cross-docking with Drinx Logistics can reduce labor costs. With our streamlined service, shipments no longer require picking up and putting away in warehouses for storage.

Faster Shipping Time

Because we streamline the process, shipments are immediately unloaded from an incoming carrier and loaded directly on an outbound carrier. This will greatly improve shipping times across North America.

Less Warehouse Space Needed

With effective cross-docking, there’s no requirement to store alcoholic beverages in warehouses. This advantage lets companies save money on warehousing expenses.

Improve Supply Chain Efficiency

Cross-docking is a sure way to keep all aspects of a beverage supply chain moving in a productive, efficient manner.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

The delivery time of beverages from producer to consumer is minimized. This can increase customer satisfaction.

Expert Staff

The staff at Drinx Logistics has years of experience building and improving logistics for alcohol and beverage-based businesses.

Consolidation and Deconsolidation

At Drinx Logistics in Vancouver BC, our consolidation and deconsolidation services are invaluable when it comes to cross-docking for beverages. We can move beverage distribution centers closer to demand and reduces warehouse inventory. 

Our alcohol cross-docking facilities feature robust technology to ensure low costs and highly flexible operations. Each industrial warehouse orderly segregates beverages into their respective outbound shipments, ready to be delivered by trucks or rails.

Additionally, the 24/7, 365-day gate house at our cross-docking facilities lets our team take advantage of late-night gate pick-ups at the port. This further increasing flexibility and efficiency of our alcohol logistics process. Drinx Logistics will work with our clients to design and implement a cost-efficient consolidation program that optimizes the distribution of their beverages. In partnering with us, clients can enjoy the benefits of lower transportation costs, faster speed-to-market, and better inventory management for their liquors or soft drinks. 
Drinx Logistics strives towards excellence and puts customer satisfaction as a top priority, promising to provide only the highest-quality cross-docking services. Our goal is to help streamline your beverage supply chain process, creating effectiveness, productivity, and cost-saving opportunities. Customers can be confident in our innovative equipment and skilled experts to meet your unique consolidation needs.

Why Choose Drinx Logistics Cross-Docking Services?

Drinx Logistics has years of expertise in alcohol warehousing, beverage distribution, cross-docking, transportation, and logistics. We have the tools needed to cover all your alcoholic beverage cross-docking needs. When it comes to beverage cross-docking, we provide:

  • Advanced warehouse management system
  • Constant patrolling security
  • 120 dock doors
  • Facilities across British Columbia, Alberta, and Washington.
  • Full compliance with regulatory codes in regards to bond, excise, and sufferance licenses.

Drinx Logistics cross-docking services cover the movement of alcohol, soda, and water from imported ocean carriers into domestic containers. We offer our services to all Vancouver ports and rail providers.  Additionally, we operate with an extensive trucking fleet for all types of pick-ups and deliveries. This dedicated fleet provides additional supply chain flexibility, enabling us to have greater control and more effective transportation for your beer, wine, spirits, RTDs, juices, or sodas.
Drinx Logistics has years of experience allow us to exercise the best practices to get the most out of each outbound beverage shipment. By working with us, soda and liquor companies have the advantage of responding proactively to a dynamic sales environment, which improves cycle times and reduces costs overall. Contact us to get started.