Customs Clearance For Alcohol And Soft Drinks

Drinx Logistics is a leader in customs clearance for the alcohol and soft drink industries. We assist with large commercial beverage shipments into the country every month. We are experienced with Canadian customs and can provide dedicated service for challenging liquor shipments.

Customs clearance is an essential part of freight forwarding in the beverage industry. Any beverage brought into the country must be inspected by an authorized customs broker. These customs brokers play a critical role in the Canadian beverage industry. Not only do they validate the integrity of beverages, but they also assist with payments, taxes, and paperwork.

Our extensive transportation network in Canada is aided by various custom brokers at large ports across Canada.  Regardless of where your shipments arrives from, our team can provide expedited clearance and keep your beverage shipment moving.

Benefits of Professional Beverage Custom Clearance

Shipping across borders can be challenging. Having a professional customs service from Drinx Logistics will greatly reduce those challenges. Our customs experts guide you in the areas of duty/tax recovery, specific liquor regulations, compliances, payments, paperwork tariff classification, and many of the other complexities emerging from international beverage trade requirements.

Drinx Logistics provides a fast-paced custom clearance service. Our process is fueled by a team of experienced technical experts that can clear alcohol and soft drinks quickly and efficiently. With Drinx Logistics handling your custom matters, you will be aware of the following:

  • Compliance Regulations
  • Tariff classification
  • Valuation
  • Duty/tax recovery
  • Specific product requirements

We also provide an invaluable consulting service throughout the process that ensures your beverages meet the strictest customs clearance requirements.

Why Choose Drinx Logistics Custom Clearance Service

We have an established process of managing customs clearance for alcohol and soft drinks. With the help of our expert staff and customs brokers, we can effectively import spirits, beers, wine, RTDs, soft drinks, and water into the country. If the products need to be stored, we can provide beverage warehousing. Our services will lead to an improved shipping process with fewer customers delay and lower fees.

If you need assistance with customs clearance, we can help. Contact us today to get a quote. We assist large liquor and soda companies every month with complex customs.