Intermodal Freight Shipping For Alcohol

Transporting liquor and soda across different cities will be subject to an array of logistical and technical issues. Intermodal freight shipping can solve this issue by providing added capacity and efficiencies in your transportation and supply chain.

In addition to our beverage co-packing, warehousing, and distribution services, we can also handle all your transportation needs all across North America. Our intermodal freight shipping network for liquor and soft drinks is one of the largest in Canada. We service all the dry and wet ports of Vancouver, BC, including:

  • Deltaport
  • Centerm
  • Vanterm
  • CP Rail
  • CN Rail

Additionally, our unique partnerships with various North American rail lines allow for unmatched intermodal freight shipping services for alcoholic beverages. By integrating our dedicated transportation, co-packer, logistics, drayage, and warehouse capabilities, liquor companies experience a seamless and successful supply chain.

With years of experience in the liquor and soda transportation industry, we’re well versed in the handling of various challenges that occur during logistics. Our innovative technology allows clients to view their shipments throughout the entire duration of their journey. We focus on providing complete transparency in this process, in hopes that clients will grow even more confident in our methods and practices when transporting their beverages.

Drinx Logistics is fully dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. Our mission is to blend high-quality equipment, skilled labor, and effective practices into the ideal intermodal freight shipping solution for beverage companies.

We will work diligently with each unique business to determine the most economically effective and efficient delivery strategy for their beverages. This standard of superior quality that we hold ourselves to is why many large liquor and soda manufacturers rely on our services for all their intermodal distributing needs. 

If you want to improve the efficiency of your supply chain, improve coordination on intermodal shipments, and require innovative refrigerated intermodal containers for your beverages, contact us today. We can provide the right intermodal freight shipping service for your liquor and soda beverages.