Multi Pack Services For Liquor And Soft Drinks

A multi-pack is a package of multiple units of the same beverage. The purpose and benefit of this type of packaging are to sell more volume of a specific soda or liquor beverage and to sell it at a lower cost per unit. With effective multi-packs, a business creates cost-saving advantages for both its business and consumer.

Effective beverage multi-packing requires premium equipment and excellent services. Drinx Logistics is a trusted packing center in Vancouver, BC. Our beverage multi-pack services include print registered, supported packs, unsupported packs, and corrugated trays.

Drinx Logistics provides a wide arrange of packing services for the liquor and soft drink industries.  Our dedicated and expert team will work with you to determine the optimal packaging solution for your product.

Get The Highest Quality of Multi-Packing in Vancouver

It is absolutely crucial that liquor and soda packaging companies are adhering to the regulations of their industry. Quality checks and product inspections must happen at all phases of the packaging process. The final product should be thoroughly inspected before it goes out for shipment.

Overlooking this important process leads to inefficient, expensive, and time-consuming returns. Liquor and soft drink businesses experience less wasted beverages when using our multi-packing services. The best defense against lost and damaged goods is preventative packing measures and detailed inspections.

Partnering with Drinx Logistics is the quickest way to improve your packing process. we always hold ourselves to the highest standards. We believe in close partnerships with select clients. Our clients can be confident in our high standards and skilled team to meet your liquor and soda packing needs.

Drinx Logistics will handle your beverage with care and improve customer satisfaction. Our multi packing service helps reduce expenses and increase the number of goods sold. Contact us to learn more.