Ocean Freight Forwarding Services for Alcohol

Drinx Logistics provides a personalized ocean freight forwarding service that is adaptable to the needs of liquor and soda businesses. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, we listen to our clients' demands and develop services to meet their needs. This guarantees a premium standard of care for all beverages that use our ocean freight forwarding service.

We work with the world’s largest carriers to provide an effective ocean freight forwarding service for the beverage industry. We have established international relationships, which allows us to move liquors and sodas effectively into other countries. Our ocean freight forwarding service improves efficiency by planning around dependable sailing schedules.

As a premier freight forwarding service, we provide full transparency throughout the beverage delivery process. Our clients receive prompt ocean freight forwarding and real-time tracking information for their beverage shipments.

Why Choose Drinx Logistics

Drinx Logistics has earned a reputation as a premier ocean freight forwarding service due to our commitment to excellence. We have invested heavily into our staff, our equipment, and our relationships. This expertise allows us to confidently move alcohol and soft drinks throughout various countries, and helps us to manage complex customs. To see the biggest benefits of ocean freight forwarding, it is essential that you use a premier forwarding service.

We Work With Many Of The Top Wet Ports In Canada. We Can Service Shipments From:

  • ​Deltaport
  • Vanterm
  • Centerm
  • Fraser Surrey Docks
  • CP Rail
  • CN Rail

Liquor and soda businesses that work with us will receive professional, careful, and efficient movement of their beverages via sea freight. This service transforms complex international shipping into a streamlined pickup and delivery process. This often leads to valuable cost-saving benefits.

Drinx Logistics is focused on providing the best ocean freight forwarding service. We value efficiency, innovative equipment, and custom solutions. Our business strives to help clients optimize their beverage warehousing and transportation. Contact us to get a quote on our ocean freight forwarding service. Our team of experts will ensure that your liquor, soft drinks, or other beverage is handled with care and delivered in a timely manner.