The Drinx Logistics Team

A Message From Our CEO

We are truly honored to work with a wonderful team of the top logistics professionals in the liquor industry. The Drinx Logistics team members are self-starters, have diverse experiences, and phenomenal skill sets related to the alcohol supply chain, which helps the company live out its mission of providing the absolute best customer experience possible.

Each and every one of our team members represents the spirit of our company:

Be Excellent at Everything We do - Inspire Our People & Customers to Grow - Build Trusting Relationships

Everyone Is Important - Help Each Other - Learn Everyday - Hire the Best - Celebrate Successes

These are the values that we live by while striving to reach our vision of becoming the most customer-centric company in the universe.

Perry Wong - Founder

Perry Wong - 18 Wheels Beverage Logistics

Our founder, Mr. Perry Wong immigrated to Vancouver, BC, Canada from Hong Kong in February of 1979 with no money to his name, but was well equipped with a hard working attitude and a dream to build a better life in North America.

​He began working in the warehousing and logistics industry in 1982 and started our sister company, 18 Wheels Warehousing in 1989.

​He founded Drinx Logistics with the principles of superior customer service and long-term sustainability. His mantra was to always make decisions based on helping the company continue growing steadily.

His values of choosing to grow at a slower more methodical pace versus a fast one have helped to build the solid infrastructure that is the foundation of Drinx Logistics today.



Adrian Wen - Chief Executive Officer

Adrian Wen - 18 Wheels Beverage Logistics

Adrian Wen is an owner and CEO of Drinx Logistics, Adrian has over 20 years of experience in alcohol logistics. Adrian came from a strong background in distribution, holding a degree in B.Comm Business Management from Royal Rhodes University and previously running import and export operations for Lulu-lemon Athletics.

​With strong servant leadership intuition, Adrian has directed the company to focus on providing the absolute best customer experience. He has made Drinx Logistics a one-stop solution for contract-packaging, warehousing, and trucking ​services, for the liquor and soft drink industries.

Under Adrian's leadership, Drinx Logistics has grown from 100,000 square feet to over 600,000 square feet of warehousing space in 2 Canadian provinces and 1 US state, providing services to businesses that are fortune 500 companies to small businesses owners.


Michael Kotendzhi - Chief Operating Officer

Michael Kothendzhi - 18 Wheels Beverage Logistics

Michael Kotendzhi is President of Operations & Transportation and a partner at Drinx Logistics. Michael has over 15 years of experience in liquor logistics and is equipped with a degree in Logistics from the University of British Columbia Sauder School of Business and a background in logistics from XPO Logistics (formally Kelron Logistics) North America's largest contract warehousing provider.

Michael has developed Drinx Logistics trucking solution, effectively utilizing the company's vehicle fleet, with now over 350 trucks and 550 trailers, plus building a transportation supply-chain network across North America.

​Michael's dynamic experience involves supply chain management, reverse logistics, and domestic transportation. Michael is responsible for operations across North America, and helps our customers meet their goals everyday.


Barry Newlove - Chief Business Officer

Barry Newlove - 18 Wheels Beverage Logistics

Barry Newlove has over 35 years’ experience in executive finance. As the former assistant Treasurer of TELUS Canada and Alcan Northern Aluminum, he provides valuable strategic direction to Drinx Logistics.

Mr. Newlove was previously the Treasurer advisor at Hootsuite Inc., one of Canada’s top technology companies. Mr. Newlove graduated from Queens University with a Master of Business Administration.

Mr. Newlove takes a conservative approach to manage the operations of Drinx Logistics finances to ensure we are able to provide trucking and warehousing services in a sustainable manner for centuries to come.


Meng Lai - Chief Financial Officer

Meng Lai - 18 Wheels Beverage Logistics

Meng Lai strengthens the Drinx Logistics with over 22 years of experience in financial operations in both North America and Asia. His experience includes serving as a Vice President for the Bank of Tokyo MUFJ, Senior Manager of Advisory, Value Creation for Deloitte, Vice President of Principal Investments for Sun Hung Kai Financial, and Vice President of Investments for the private equity firm Ardenton Capital.

He started his career at HSBC in Vancouver and then moved to Hong Kong to join Goldman Sachs. Mr. Lai holds a CPA, CMA, and a CFA designation and graduated from the University of British Columbia Sauder School of business specializing in Finance & Management Information systems. Meng is known for his passion about trucking and warehousing and his advocacy for sustainable supply chain practices in the liquor logistics industry.


Amir Abdollahzadeh - General Manager

Amir Abdollahzadeh - 18 Wheels Beverage Logistics

Amir is a seasoned, results-oriented, supply chain and logistics professional with a solid foundation in alcohol. He provides direction to our customer service, IT, repacking, and operations teams.

He brings over 30 years of experience with operations, automation, distribution, and import. He specializes in a full cycle, cross-functional environment.

Amir is a Six Sigma Black Belt, and graduated with a degree in Business Administration, and holds a CPA CMA from the University of Victoria. He is an expert in budget planning, customer relations, global alcohol supply chain management, and lean project development.


Michael Ellis - Western US Operations Manager

Michael Ellis - 18 Wheels Beverage Logistics

Michael Ellis is an operations veteran with deep experience and expertise in supply chain operations, warehousing, trucking, automation, and military experience.

He has over 20 years experience in the beverage industry. He has used his skill to help companies become more effective, reduce costs, and improve operations.

Michael's specialty includes the automation of operational, technological, and technical processes.

His operational knowledge helps to continue to make Drinx Logistics the market leader and first choice solution for trucking, warehousing, and co-packing.


Richard Freedhoff - VP, Customer Success

Richard Freehoff - 18 Wheels Beverage Logistics

Richard Freedhoff is a Vice President at Drinx Logistics. With over 25 years of experience, his focus and passion revolve around providing a world class customer experience in the alcohol distribution and trucking space.

At SupremeX, Canada's largest packaging manufacturer, Richard led his team in Canada and the US. He served as Senior Manager and provided enhancing services to significant clients in the manufacturing, retail, eCommerce, wholesale sectors.

Previously, Richard was a Director at Remco a leading provider of transportation and distribution services, helping accounts of retailers and wholesalers by providing them with creative solutions to enhance their businesses.

​As a Senior VP and COO at Hip Interactive, he was instrumental in improving the company's businesses performance exponentially by ensuring customers received the highest value proposition possible.


Dmitri Tchernychov - Alcohol and Beverage Operations Manager

Dmitri Tchernychov - 18 Wheels Beverage Logistics

Dmitri is an Experienced alcohol and beverage operations manager. He has a demonstrated history of working in the transportation industry in Canada and US. Dmitri’s skilled in Supply Chain and alcohol Logistics Management. He’s a strong operations professional with a Diploma in International Trade & Transportation from BCIT and with over 15 years experience in trucking and 3PL warehousing industry. 

After graduating from BCIT in 2008, Dmitri was already on his way to a successful logistics career, armed with his FITT diploma in International Trade and his proficiency for languages, including fluency in Russian, English and French. Dmitri also completed the Logistics program at the Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation (CITT) in 2009 and acquired his full designation.

Dmitri is a key part of our Alcohol Division, making sure Operations processes are handled with attention to detail, efficiency, and innovation.


Ivan Vlahovic - Lead Technology Operations Deployment

Ivan Vlahovic - 18 Wheels Beverage Logistics

Ivan's role at Drinx Logistics is to improve our information technology. He also serves as the administrator and engineer, with over 10 years of business technology experience.

He has been instrumental in the development of the Drinx Logistics inventory systems, technology systems, and warehousing security management.

His background in software solutions has been an asset to the growth of the company's foundation and infrastructure. Ivan continually helps build an even more secure, stable, and sustainable infrastructure every day.

Ivan is also in charge of new project launches and execution. He has led hundreds of significant process improvement and operational projects.


Jim Hunt - CPG Warehouse Operations Manager

Jim Hunt - 18 Wheels Beverage Logistics

Jim Hunt is an industry veteran with over 30 years of experience in 3PL warehousing and trucking. Jim sets the gold standard for providing customers with premium liquor and soft drink distribution services.

His extensive knowledge in these industries allows him to provide seamless and cost-effective solutions to importers and exporters requiring warehousing services in the Vancouver, British Columbia region.

Growing up in Vancouver, BC has provided Jim with a wide network and a deep understanding of how logistics operates in Western Canada. Jim has managed third-party warehousing and distribution operations of up to 200,000 square feet in Vancouver, British Columbia. He is a highly valued team member that is laser-focused on helping Drinx Logistics provide the absolute best customer services and distribution services.


Jacob Lee - Terminals Operations Manager

Jacob Lee - 18 Wheels Beverage Logistics

Jacob Lee brings with him over 18 years of experience in the warehousing and trucking industry. He was previously managing the operations and terminals for Apps Cargo Terminals Canada.

Jacob joining our team has increased the company's bandwidth which has allowed Drinx Logistics to continue to grow our services.

Jacob plays an important role in helping Drinx Logistics run an effective and efficient operation which in turn allows us to provide superior service to our customers.

Jacob is responsible for implementing and reviewing our monthly "Kaizen" strategies. These are sustainable initiatives that help Drinx Logistics reduce costs, these costs savings are then provided to our customers.