Pallet Displays For Liquor at Retail Stores

Eye-Catching and Display Ready Pallets for Beverages

The current retail environment is aggressive, fast-paced, and complex. In order for liquors and soft drinks to stand out in this world, they need to be prominently displayed. Drinx Logistics pallet displays are useful and effective in capturing consumer’s attention. These free-standing displays can be quite effective in prompting consumers to purchase specific beverages.

Our displays are created, then shipped to a retailer on a pallet. These units arrive in pristine condition and are ready to display beer, wine, spirits, RTDs, sodas, juices, or water. They can be placed on the sales floor and serves as a free-standing, advertising display for your latest liquor or soft drink beverage.

What Does The Process Look Like?

Drinx Logistics can help bring any pallet store display vision to reality. We have experience creating a multitude of different display stands. All of our pallets can be constructed to meet any space requirements.

Drinx Logistics provides a dedicated team that will work with you to determine the best style of pallet display for your beverage. Our designers can come up with a style that suits your liquor or soda brand.

Beverage companies that work with us have multiple customization options for their displays. These include any specific color, text, size, and graphic requirements. After the pallet display is completed and approved, it is then shipped to retailers and placed on the sales floor.

The Benefits of Pallet Displays for Liquor and Soda

Improved Product Visibility:

Our display-ready pallets help your beverage stand out amidst a sea of competitors. It helps consumers to easily single out your beer, soda, spirit, wine, or juice in a crowded retail space and gives them an opportunity to purchase.

Increase Brand Awareness:

Display pallets assist in the marketing aspect of your company. These displays help your beverage stand out and stay memorable as customers wander the rest of the store.

Generate More Purchases:

A pallet store display or point-of-purchase display offers the consumers a visually appealing call-to-action. Not only will these displays make customers think about your liquor or soda beverage, it provides them another opportunity to actually purchase it. 

Product Protection:

Display pallets serve as advertising material as well as product protection. With pallet displays, no beverages are wasted in display packaging.

Why Work with Drinx Logistics?

Drinx Logistics has experience working in the liquor and soft drink industries. Our pallet displays are made with premium technology and designed to your specifications. They are shipped ready to be displayed and will boost brand awareness. To find out more about our pallet displays, contact us today.