Drinx Logistics Services

Drinx Logistics provides numerous services to assist with beverage transportation, warehousing, and logistics. We offer bonded warehousing, sufferance warehousing, transportation, on-packaging services, and yard facilities.

Re-Packaging and On Packaging Services

Drinx Logistics provides complete value add and pick & pack services. From products to promotional material, we will work with you to get your products ready for market. Our team is experienced at re-packing a wide range of beverage products.

Temperature-Controlled Warehouse and Cold Storage

We maintain a wide range of temperatures in our warehouses to ensure that products are stored according to the manufacturer's specifications. All equipment and processes are designed to protect products from damage and degradation.

Transportation Services

Drinx Logistics provides a full range of transportation services for liquor companies. We have a fleet of vehicles that are equipped to handle beverage products, and we work with a network of trusted partners to get your products where they need to go. Our services include:

  • Province-wide Direct to Store Delivery services.
  • Inventory pick up services from production sites across Canada. 
  • Inventory transfer services to all Canadian liquor jurisdictions.

From wines to spirits to beer, we can transport your products safely and efficiently.

Reverse Logistics Services

Drinx Logistics provides reverse logistics services for liquor companies. We can pick up products from stores, restaurants, and bars, and return them to the warehouse or distribution center. We also pick up returned products for restocking and empty kegs for return to production facilities.  

Why Work with Drinx Logistics?

Working with Drinx Logistics helps businesses manage their supply chain. We have locations in Delta, Vancouver, Vancouver Island, and across the interior. Our network streamlines the complex process of moving goods from point A to point B.

We are also an approved BC Liquor Distribution Branch Liquor Warehouse Program (LWP) partner. Our LWP partnership makes us an excellent option for alcohol businesses.

Businesses working with us get access to our state-of-the-art information technology, providing 24/7 real-time online reports.

Our team is ready to help beverage businesses with their warehousing, re-packing, and transportation needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services.