Shrink Wrapping Services For Alcohol And Soda

With online shopping and global orders, it’s commonplace for liquor and soda manufacturing companies to transport products across regions, often over the course of many days. Shrink wrapping services for beverages has become essential for maintaining product quality during the long transportation process. 

This type of shipping is challenging, as there are multiple environmental elements that can pose a risk to products, such as moisture and microscopic particles. Shrink wrapping is an ideal solution for liquor and soda companies to protect the integrity of their beverages and to ensures the best product is delivered to the customer.

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Working with Drinx Logistics makes shrink wrapping for beverages easy. Our beverage packaging team will work with you to determine the best type and form of wrap for your product.

Benefits of Shrink Wrapping

Shrinkwrapping ensures that liquor and soda retain the highest standard of quality over a long shipping process. The product is completely wrapped with polymer sheets and heated through an industrial automated machine. When the sheets are heated, the molecules in the polymer begin to realign and assume the shape of the underlying object, creating the final wrapped package. This wrapping will provide a protective encasing for the beverages until they reach their final destination. Some additional benefits of this method include:


Shrink wrap is an economical alternative for professional beverage packaging at an affordable price point. Effective use of shrink wrap will also minimize alcohol warehousing space and transportation costs by keeping products closely bundled together.

Customization Options:

Shrink wrap can be used to enhance brand image and help create a cohesive identity for your beverage company. Alcohol brands often use shrink wrapping to include colors, words, pictures, and logos that represent their brand.

FDA Compliance:

Shrink wrap is commonly used to package liquor and soft-drink products. Shrink wrapping ensures the freshness and quality of those items throughout delivery. In addition, shrink packaging can quickly adapt to changing FDA and third-party regulations.

Premium Quality:

Drinx Logistics uses the highest-grade shrink-wrapping films when working with beverages. Our shrink-wrapped film packages are compliant with the highest standards in the beverage industry. Our shrink wrap protects the integrity of beer, wine, spirits, sodas, and soft drinks while defending the product from moisture and other various environmental elements.

Greater Flexibility:

In contrast to other traditional packaging methods, shrink wrapping can work with uniquely shaped products. It can accommodate a virtually unlimited range of bottle dimensions and sizes. This improves flexibility for storage and delivery.

Improved Security:

Shrink wrap increases the security of the packaged liquor or soda by keeping the contents securely together while allowing visibility of the items. With shrink wrapping you minimize the risk of lost and damaged beverages.

Why Choose Drinx Logistics?

Drinx Logistics strives towards excellence and puts customer satisfaction as a top priority, promising to provide only the highest quality of shrink wrapping services. We offer a complete and diverse selection of shrink wrap packaging services for clients in the liquor, soda, and other beverage industries.

Customers can be confident in our innovative equipment and skilled experts to meet your unique beverage packaging needs. Our industrial shrink wrap machinery is well equipped to handle challenging tasks, such as extra-long product lengths and irregular shaped items. This advanced machinery allows us to optimize speed and efficiency to give customers high speed wrapping at an excellent value. To learn how our shrink wrapping services can improve your beverage business, contact us.