Alcohol Warehousing And Distribution Services

Alcohol Warehousing | 18 Wheels Beverage Logistics

Drinx Logistics specializes in alcohol warehousing and beverage distribution services. We have several facilities across Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest.

In addition to beverage warehousing facilities in Vancouver, we also provide liquor distribution services as well. Whatever your logistics process requires, we can help. We pride ourselves on offering trustworthy, professional service. Our clients can rely on us to safely handle their inventory and effectively deliver their cargo.

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Alcoholic Beverage 3PL Distribution

3PL Distribution for Alcohol

We are the distribution experts for alcoholic beverages and soft drinks in Western Canada. We are certified for bonded, customs sufferance, and excise licensed storage of alcohol.

We can effectively distribute all alcoholic beverages include beer, wine, spirits, and RTD across Canada. We have the technology and network size to service national businesses. Our technology includes:

  • Best-in-class inventory tracking, 
  • Scan guns
  • Barcoding systems
  • Software platforms.​

We consult all of our potential customers and work with them to provide a supply chain solution based on their alcoholic beverage's unique needs. Our expertise and equipment make alcoholic 3PL distribution easy. ​Partnering with Drinx Logistics gives you access to the people, processes, facilities, and technology to move your business forward. 

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Cross-Docking for Beverages

Cross-docking for Alcohol

Drinx Logistics has multiple cross-docking bays across Canada and the United States that are essential for beverage distribution.

We currently have 6 total cross-docking facilities. All of them have a bond, excise, and sufferance licenses. Each location has our first-class (WMS) warehouse management systems and 24/7/365 manned patrolling security. 

We service liquor and soft drink businesses that are importing or exporting alcohol, water, soda, and other beverages in and out of Canada. Our trans-loading capabilities help ensure that your inventory stays full at every location.

Our cross-docking facilities are strategically located within close proximity to international ports and rail yards. With our convenient locations and ample loading docks, we have the capabilities to provide effective cross-docking for beverages. 

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Alcohol Fulfillment Services

Alcohol Fulfillment ServicesOur business plan is to focus on a limited amount of key customers versus a large number of customers. This allows us to continuously find cost savings and new ways to improve our alcohol fulfillment services. Our goal is to provide the absolute best customer experience.

You can trust us to handle your alcohol fulfillment services. We manage orders and returns, assist with importing and exporting and provide reverse logistics seamlessly.

We have invested heavily in our alcohol fulfillment services. This allows us to maximize shipping output, optimize warehousing space, and utilize automation. Our systems reduce costs and damaged products.  We rigorously track beverages to control costs and our IT systems provides live product information. Partner with us and gain this competitive advantage.

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